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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Looking to donate to charity? Want to donate to children?

Kiya Survivors offers the opportunity to make a real difference.

Any donation large or small will always be greatly received and help us in our work.  You can donate by clicking on the button below and use either Paypal or credit card.


Sometimes people want to donate to a charity but aren’t quite sure how the money will be used or how much will actually get to where it counts. Kiya Survivors is a charity run mostly by dedicated volunteers, so you can be confident that any money you donate goes directly to where it counts – the disadvantaged children and young people in Peru.

If you prefer to donate to charity by cheque please send to our UK Office.

We obviously like to hear from all our donors so please feel free to accompany any donations with a letter or a message via our contact form on the Contact Page.

Kiya Survivors is entitled to reclaim the tax made on gifts by UK tax payers. This means that, if you are a UK tax payer, your donation can increase by 25% – at no extra cost to you.

For further information about Gift Aid please go to the government website

If you think you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation please please fill in the form below.  This will verify that  you are a UK tax payer and would like Kiya Surivoros to treat all my donations (until I notify them otherwise) as Gift Aid donations

Gift aid form