The Early Bird Centre (EBC) is a project with its own identity next to the Mama Cocha complex, in Los Organos, Piura, Peru. The Centre currently provides a platform for Kiya Survivors staff to attend to the needs of local communities and currently supports 80 children and their families.

Unfortunately the project lost its main sponsor earlier this year and the UK team is desperately looking for a replacement.

If you would like to offer your support for this cause, please email

The Early Bird Centre

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Tres Pasitos – “Three Small Steps”


This project was set up to offer much needed support to under 3s in need of early stimulation who are from severely poverty stricken areas and who’s parents are unable to afford getting help elsewhere.

Many of the children attending this program come from abusive and neglectful backgrounds and the majority suffer from health problems such as chronic diarrhea, dehydration, skin irritations and stomach cramps caused by unsanitary living conditions.

15% of the children who attend the program, also have special needs.

The Team:

We have a Teacher; Classroom Assistant; volunteers; Psychologist & Project Director working with the children organising fun workshops designed to address 3 main points: Emotional Well Being, Cognitive Processing and Body Stimulation. As well as the key ideas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

With freedom to explore, time to observe and our gentle guidance and encouragement, a child’s natural curiosity will develop into the ability to wonder at the world. This is an incredible development in a young child’s life. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happens, unless you are looking for it. The child will show a growing sense of love and care for the environment, and will naturally start to do things to protect it. The child will show a deeper interest in why things happen and how things work and also display a greater sense of independence. At this stage, a young child has absorbed so much of what is going on around her and is curious to discover so much more.

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Early Stimulation Programme

We believe that by encouraging parents to give their babies regular stimulation, communication aids (sign) and positive touch (massage), we will help cut down the number of abuse cases, encourage and promote bonding between parent and baby, help the baby reach their full potential in the years to come and encourage them to feel confident and respected by their parents and community. We currently support 45 children per week with this vital programme, which over the years has attracted the attention of the community and has increased the number of children and mothers benefiting from it.

Mama Cafe

Mama Café is designed for mothers to come and have a safe and open space to share their knowledge, concerns and news about their home life. There are guided discussions with Psychologists and social workers along with other local professionals to help guide them in areas such as breastfeeding, domestic violence etc. With abuse cases forever rising in the area, the need for mums to know that they're not alone and have support is vital.

Mama Cafe has its own shop where the mums sell poy, cards, bookmarks, key rings and other items that they learn to make in the artisan workshops held by a local man. We have recently been donated a bread oven and the Mums now bake bread, cakes and other delicious goods that they share with the projects families and sell. This aids the mothers to become more independent and create an income for their families.

Parents School

The Parents' school is an opportunity for both Mothers and Fathers to get helpful advice on special needs, on how to care for their children and informative tips on improving relationships in the home and in the community.

Physiotherapy program:

Our Physiotherapist has been with us for 12 years now and provides an invaluable service to many families.

She runs baby massage sessions; physiotherapy for the children in Tres Pasitos and therapy programs to older children in need in the community. Her services have changed many lives.

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