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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Kiya Survivors - Europe Team

Suzy Butler - Founder / Managing Director

At 18, Suzy travelled to South America on a gap year to work with under privileged children. At 21, she founded Kiya Survivors and was driven by her passion for giving those born into difficult circumstances, a second chance. Having worked with street children and other children suffering the effects of poverty and social dislocation throughout South America, she has extensive experience making a real difference to young people’s lives. Suzy returned to the UK to set up a support and fundraising team in 2005 but returns to Peru for 2 months every year to check up on the centres, open new projects/programmes and offer support to the onsite teams.

Office Volunteers

Kiya Survivors’ UK team are helped by an amazing group of people that give their valuable time and experience to us free of charge.

Christina Perry - UK Volunteer Coordinator

Christina work part time as a teacher in Brighton whilst also working as Group Co Ordinator for Kiya Survivors.  She is an Architect and has also worked as an artist and photographer and taught in Spain.


Christina started working with Kiya Survivors as the UK Volunteer Co-Ordinator after volunteering at  Mama Cocha and The Rainbow Centre two  years ago with her daughter. Her responsibilities are to oversee the group volunteer program and lead groups in Peru. She set up projects and training for the groups and gives help and advice at the centres. Christina has 4 children and lives and works in Brighton.


Lee Mizzi - Volunteer: Graphic Designer

Lee has 3 years experience working as a graphic designer. He responded to an advert placed by Kiya survivors in 2011 and, seeing the good work the charity does, he voluntereed his design services to the charity.

Tom Cunliffe - Web Designer

As a retired I.T. Manager, Tom now turns his hand to helping out local charities, societies and individuals with website building services.  See his website for further details.  

Shamila – Part-time administrator

Kimberley Anscombe - Marketing and Social Media Volunteer

Kim has joined Kiya Survivors as a Marketing Volunteer. She brings with her experience from her role as Marketing Manager at OCSI; an organisation supporting the public sector to ensure resources are targeted towards those most in need.

Kim loves all things Latin American from reggaeton to alpaca jumpers and has spent time in Central America, Peru, Ecuador - and lived in Colombia for a year teaching English at a University.

She has joined Kiya Survivors to help spread the word about all the fantastic work that the organisation does, and to be part of the positive change in the lives of the children and young people Kiya works with.