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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Orange Day

In anChildren and adult helpers at Orange Day event attempt to reach carers and babies in need Kiya Survivors runs an Early Stimulation Programme at all our centres.

We believe that by encouraging parents to give their babies regular stimulation, communication aids (sign) and positive touch (massage), we will help cut down the number of abuse cases, encourage and promote bonding between parent and baby, help the baby reach their full potential in the years to come and encourage them to feel confident and respected by their parents and community.

Orange Day is a creative way that nurseries and schools can help support the Early Stimulation Programme and make a huge difference to the lives of families in Peru. Orange Day works by encouraging young children in this country to learn the importance of helping others whilst learning about a whole new culture in fun ways.

What happens on the day:

• Scrapbook exchange; photos taken of the children, staff and nursery/school on Orange Day, as well as pictures made by the children can be put into a scrapbook which will then be sent over to the Rainbow Centre in Peru. We encourage everyone to add some written information about daily life in your nursery/school. In exchange, the children and staff in Peru will also put together a scrapbook which will be sent to you. This is a great way for the children both here in England and Peru to get to know more about each other.

Children and adult helpers at Orange Day event• Fun Facts interactive learning; Kiya Survivors will provide a Fun Facts pack about Peru. Through visual images we hope to teach children about Peruvian culture and society, and therefore encourage discussion about the differences and similarities of our ways of life. It will also give the children (and staff) the opportunity to learn some Spanish words and phrases.

• Story time; Paddington bear stories can be read to the children, as after all he does come from the deepest, darkest forests of Peru!

• Food; nurseries who provide snacks /meals can add to the day by serving an ‘orange menu’ or alternatively, cook a traditional peruvian meal (we can provide recipes). For those nurseries that do not provide food, children should bring in orange themed packed lunches.

• Donations; each child donates £2.50 and comes in dressed in orange. 100% of profits will go directly to the Early Stimulation Programme.

If you would like to participate in Orange Day or would like to discuss it or the Early Stimulation Programme in more detail please please fill in the contact form on our Contact Us page.