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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Project Sponsors

Kiya Survivors have had and have the support of some amazing long term sponsors – we are very grateful to them for their incredible investment and belief in what we do.

Team Peru and the 100 Club - Long term commitment to supporting Mama Cocha.

Team Peru was founded by Copenhagen International School-teacher Ben Ward, in 2005, with the objective of raising funds for Kiya Survivors and giving young people from CIS the opportunity to participate in the Kiya Survivors group programmes.

The students and programme pledged £20,000 in 2008 for Mama Cocha. Team Peru and CIS, with the help of the "100 Club" monthly sponsorship scheme, have pledged to fund the basic running costs of the home long term with £1,509 p/m.

Starr TStarr Trust bannerrust – The Starr Trust: Kiya Survivors were lucky enough to be chosen by the Edward Starr Charitable Trust to be one of the 21 recipients of their Swim 4 Smiles fundraising activities up until the end September 2011.

The Starr Trust’s Chairman, Rob Starr was going to swim the English Channel in August 2012 and the Starr Trust raised nearly £100,000! They donated £6,648 in October 2011 towards the running costs of the Rainbow House.

CHOCS – through the Starr Trust’s CHOCS (Children Helping Other Children Smile) initiative they have donated a further £10,000. In 2013, students from Blatchington Mill in Hove, raised £4,400 in aid of the Early Bird Centre in Los Organos and in 2013/2014, Varndene students raised an incredible £6,500 for The Early Stimulation Programme at The Rainbow Centre in Urubamba.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of our projects please contact our UK office (please link to contact form) where we can provide you more detailed information and project budget breakdowns.

Greg Vistnes makes significant financial contributions to the running of the Rainbow House following his daughter’s experience as a volunteer. His contribution is hugely appreciated as it ensures the ongoing care of the children living there.

RealWorld Holidays are delighted and proud to support Kiya Survivors in the form of a monetary donation to continue their support within the local community.