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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

Photo of small childKiya Survivors has been running a Sponsor a Child programme since 2004. At present we have 162 individual child sponsors and a project sponsor. Between them, they raise about £2500 per month! The programme ensures that the centres and service users have a safe and secure future in the long term. Sponsors provide essential support for the children and young people in our care and their invaluable support allows us to plan ahead!

It currently costs KS approximately £8,000 a month to maintain the 5 projects in Peru and run the UK office. 1000 sponsors of £8 a month and our future will be secured...we are over a quarter of the way there....please, dig deep and help us bring more smiles to children in need.

We aPhoto of childsk sponsors for a minimum monthly donation of £8 – only £2 per week (there is no maximum!) for a minimum term of two years (and naturally we hope longer). This steady stream of money will be put to good use in the centre that your sponsored child attends. Working this way ensures the money you donate directly benefits your sponsored child without singling them out for special treatment.

Once you become a sponsor we will introduce you to the child with a photograph and some information about their life and the issues they face.

We will thePhoto of childn provide you with a quarterly update of the progress of your sponsored child and the community/centre in which they live.

Sponsoring a child with Kiya Survivors is easy to do, simply complete the form on the right-hand side of this page.

100 Club logo

If you wish to become a member of the 100 Club and support our Mama Cocha centre and kids in Los Organos, please follow the same process. Please ensure you write ¨100 Club¨ in the comment box, so we can allocate the funds properly.

Testimonial from a sponsor:

The work that Kiya Survivors does is invaluable, because these kids are largely hidden from view and Kiya Survivors gives them a voice. For me, sponsoring a child was not something I felt I 'should' do - the opportunity to help support and give children a life they deserve is a wonderful thing and I saw it as a privilege. And for as little as £8 a month, you can make a real difference to these kids' lives.

Nikki Barrett (Child Sponsor)


If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please fill in this form and press submit

If you'd like to sponsor a Kiya child and help make a REAL difference today, please fill in the form below, or send an email to

Kiya Survivors is entitled to reclaim the tax made on gifts by UK tax payers. This means that, if you are a UK tax payer, your donation can increase by 25% – at no extra cost to you.

If you think you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation please click the box in the form above and we will send you a gift aid declaration form.  For further information about Gift Aid please go to the government website

If you are unsure about your eligibility for Gift Aid please add this to the message in the form above and we will try to advise you.