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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Kiya Survivors - Tanzania staff

Sarah Rejman - The Plaster House Founder  


Sarah has a background as a successful occupational therapist and started The Plaster House in Arusha in April 2008 and now oversees the general running of the programme and does programme development. She successfully designed and built the new PH building which opened it’s doors in October 2013.

Recovery Through Learning Programme: Sarah will be directing her staff Esupat, Jacky and the new teacher in the coordination between the PH and Kiya Survivors.

Esupat Kimirei - The Plaster House Assistant Coordinator    


Esupat will be helping with the reporting from The Plaster House alongside the teacher and volunteers and will be providing onsite assistance and coordination where necessary.

My education back ground is in health services administration and I have always wanted to work with an organization/institution that deals with children in need.  Getting employed by the Plaster House (Surgical Rehab Project) of ALMC (Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre) as the assistant coordinator was a perfect fit for me because the project deals with children in need. The Plaster House provides pre and post operative care to children with orthopedic, plastic and neurotube defects requiring surgical intervention. My job is to assist the coordinator in the management of the Plaster House and to prepare and submit children’s profiles to donors who provide funding for various treatments. Most of these children come from the villages and their parents cannot afford the medical cost for treating their children. It is also difficult for them to provide the after care for their children. So having the Plaster House providing pre and post operative care to these children changes the lives of many.  I am happy to be part of a team that positively changes the lives of so many children.

Jacky Lekule - The Plaster House Occupational Therapist  


Jacky will be leading the Mamas and Baby workshops teaching mamas how to massage their babies which will promote positive touch rather than negative and make the mamas feel a part of their child’s recovery.

My name is Jaclyn Lekule. I started working as an occupational therapist at the Plaster House in 2007. My responsibilities are to work as a bridge between the hospital (ALMC) and the Plaster House – keeping all the information about the patients, follow up of the patients, providing physical therapy, making splints and knowing when each patient needs to go back to the hospital. I enjoy my job.

Photo of Sarah Rejman Photo of Esupat Kimirei Photo of Jacky Lekule