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Kiya Survivors is a registered charity in

both the UK and Peru:

Registered Charity UK: 1121519

Registered Charity Peru: 12267622



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Individual Volunteer Programme

“We certainly couldn’t have got this far without the crucial support from participants in our volunteer programmes!” Suzy Butler, Founder of Kiya Survivors

You can download a copy of 2017/18 programmes and prices by clicking here

You can also see more information about volunteering with us on our further details page.  This will tell you all you need to know about volunteering with Kiya such as:

To see how our current volunteers are doing please visit our volunteer blog page.

To apply to volunteer with us or simply to find out more about volunteering with Kiya you can complete the contact form on the right.

Kiya Survivors operates its volunteer programme to ensure there are enough hands to help with the young people in the centres, to encourage new ideas and enthusiasm amongst the staff and to help raise money for all our projects.

Founded in 2001, the Kiya Survivors volunteer programme is the invaluable building block that has enabled Kiya Survivors to expand and provide professional care and help to more children and young people in need.

Our volunteer programmes are designed to give volunteers the opportunity to visit and live in a fabulous country whilst making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their families. Volunteering with Kiya Survivors promotes individual development and is a rewarding and fun experience!

At Kiya Survivors, one of our main aims is to educate families and communities on special needs, to encourage understanding and acceptance and thus break away from the belief that many communities still hold, that children born to be different are a curse.

Here is a video of two of our volunteers:

Volunteer with kiya survivors

To find out more about volunteering

with Kiya Survivors, fill in the contact

form below or send an email to us as .To download our application form click here

You can start raising funds for your travel straightaway by clicking on the button below